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Inspiration and Friends

Below are links to various artists' work who inspire me.  Some are mentors from my past and present.  Others are people whose work I admire and am inspired by, from my early days to now.  Others yet are fellow friends and family who do amazing work.  However it may be, all of these artists somehow effect me and my work:

Ana Ramirez
Anad Duncan
Andy Kehoe
Angie Wang
Aaron Bothman
Beatrix Potter
Ben Huff
Bruce McCall
Cameron Thompson
Carson Ellis
Charley Hodgkins
Chris Turnham
Christopher Myers
Colin Stimpson
Dan Hansen
Dave of the Dead
Diego Rivera
Edgar Degas
Edward Gorey
Egon Schielle
Elisa Kleven
Ezra Jack Keats
Fran Krause
Fred Rogers Center
Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Gerald McDermott
Hallie Wilson
Headless Productions
Herve Morvan
Hopi Katsina Dolls
Ivan Aguirre
James Woods
JJ Villard
Jack Yu
Janice Tsao
John Gomez
Kangmin Kim
Karl Gnass
Kirsten Lepore
Lane Smith
Lisbeth Zwerger
Marc Boutavant
Margaret Bloy Graham
Mary Cassatt
Masha Vasilkovsky
Matthew Thiebes
Maurice Sendak
Michael Piazza
Natalie Hall
Nicolette Wood
Nothing Major
Ojibwe Art
Paul Klee
Ralph Steadman
Regina Clarkinia
Regina Hurley
Richard Scarry
Ron Finley
Ronald Searle
Ruah Edelstein
Scott Campbell
Scott Wright
Sasha Schotzko-Harris
Shel Silverstein
Souther Salazar
Soyeon Kim
Stella Blackstone
Susan Jeffers
Taylor Price
Theo Ellsworth
Tim Biskup
Tom Rainford
Trevor Jones
Veronica De Jesus
Vincent Van Gogh
Wanda Gag
Wo Does She Think She Is?
Yarrow Cheney