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Reinterpreted from Henry Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha, Katherine Clark tells the story of a boy who learns from his grandmother to have faith and trust in Universal Love. Working with musicians Drew Corey and Elliott Glasser, the film is narrated through song, and told in a new and unique way.

This is a 3 min film about the importance of imagination and appreciation for each other. This film also tells the story of my life as a single mom attending the Character Animation program at California Institute of the Arts. My son, Raiden, is the voice actor for his own role in this film.
- Monstra Film Festival - 2014

Charlotte's Castle - 2012:
This is my 2nd film and it is about letting go, taking chances, and the importance of friendship and community. Charlotte learns that she can not make things beautiful unless she can let them be beautiful.

Chunks - 2011:
This was my first animated short about a chubby little bird who wants nothing more than to get his beak around a sweet juicy cherry. My son, Raiden, was the voice over for the little boy too!


Who Rules the Earth? - 2012 - Harvey Mudd College
My portion is from 05:10 - 05:55:
- Hawaii Ocean Film Festival - Best Student Film
- Wild & Scenic FF tour

Hell’s Kitty webisode, animated intro - 2011
My portion for the intro that is used in every episode can be seen through their website, specifically from 00:37 - 01:08 on Episode 13:
- Hollyshorts Film Festival - 2014