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Jul 29, 2014

The Love Power Gang

Here are some characters I have been developing for a show I would like to create some day.  I have put them on hold for a little bit but can't wait to get them going again.  They are based off of Raiden and his 2 friends, but I made them older.

The Love Power Gang - Jo, Raiden, and Dotty:
Jo wishes she were a boy and becomes V.V. in their alternate world.  Dotty, Jo's little sister and youngest of the Love Power Gang, is the boldest and gets them into action!  She becomes the Fairy Princess Shalakakakaka ka who is perfect in every way - except she has a dirty diaper!  Then Raiden, the stable one who is great at puzzles and riddles, he seems to know what to do when it all looks hopeless,  In their alternate world Raiden becomes... a... himself!  Because we all know that kids still have the potential to become anything they want.  He can transform into all sorts of different things/beings.


The Fairy Princes Shalaka ka:

Raiden Transforming:

Some Story Ideas:

Jul 24, 2014

Tribute to the Coyote

There is a coyote I would always see by my home.  Sometimes I would see him on the slopes right in front of my porch and we would just look at each other and then he would keep going looking for mice to eat.  A few times I saw him when hiking on a trail near my house with Raiden and I would growl at him if I heard him in the bushes.  He hunted with an older coyote that had a bad leg - I imagined he lived with the older one too.
The other day I saw him dead in the middle of the road while taking Raiden to school.  I had to hold back the tears.  It was so sad to see such a wonderful and wild creature, dead by one of our sloppy cars.  He has been on my mind ever since.  I made some small watercolors to tribute him: