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May 19, 2014

My CalArts Graduation!

So I did it!  On Friday I graduated from CalArts Character Animation program!  

For me personally, it wasn't just about 4 years of hard work.  I remember when I had my baby boy and I knew I had to make changes.  I wrote down my options, and the one I chose was CalArts to help gain responsibility and reclaim my artistic voice.  Little did I know exactly how much I would grow and gain here.  The friends and inspiration alone I am incredibly thankful for.  To me it was more than working hard to get a degree, it was about rewriting the future for both Raiden and I.  It was a hard change, and I am so proud.  Thank you CalArts and all my friends there!

My theme song this year has been Alicia Keys's "Superwoman" and that was the theme of my graduation.  But really Raiden and I did it together -- and so he walked up on stage with me and we had a bit of a surprise on stage which no one knew was coming!  Check it out in the video and photos!

Before we walked:
The Reveal of our Super Identities:

Our good, dear friend, and role model for Raiden, and fellow graduate form the Art School at CalArts,Gavin McCoy:

Some of my best friends and I at the Graduates' Dinner:

The Owner of Scoops is an alumni of CalArts too!  He served the ice cream at our grad dinner!

A photo taken of all the CalArts Graduates getting their Graduating Class photo taken:

My last Character Animation End of the Year Meeting group photo:

May 1, 2014


My final film at CalArts is Hiawatha, based off of Henry Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha.  The story in my film is of a boy who learns to trust in Universal Love.  I worked closely with the amazing musicians, Drew Corey and Elliot Glasser, to narrate the poem through song and in a experiential way.  Their hard work, great skill, and beautiful spirits made this film come alive.  Click on the link below to view Hiawatha: