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Jan 31, 2011

OK, yet another take...Almost There Though!!!!

OK, here is my animatic yet a little more tweeked!  Click on the link below to check it out:

Notes to myself:
lengthen breath, shorten ins and outs on cherry throw.
switch tongue out face with other happy face during contemplation.
more time/shots on happy eyebrows at ending.
title page, credits.

Chunks - Take 6

I put this animatic together the past few days.  Now I feel I have a clear idea, and this animatic will be my map while I am animating the film.

Jan 29, 2011

Chunks Model Sheet

Hello and sorry about the dry month!  I have not posted anything since December, due to all the fun and traveling, and end-of-semester-mega-migraine!  But I am back in action.  Over the break I saw a Pixar show at the Oakland museum, which was amazing.  I really love the bay area and I have decided to focus my attention on the studios up there.  I am 2 weeks deep into the Spring semester at CalArts.  Las semester was all about finishing; this semester I am focusing on digging and diving.  My film is really coming along - I am finishing up my final animatic TONIGHT! and here is the model sheet I just finished for Chunks.  I have the main idea for the baby, but the model sheet won't be done until tomorrow.  Then it is on to animating and finishing my backgrounds!

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