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Oct 28, 2010

Grim Ghouls

For character design we were asked to create ghouls in honor of Halloween, based on Tim Burton's style of artwork.  So, here they are!  I actually brought Raiden to class with me because it was the babysitters birthdady, and it seemed like she really wanted the noght off.  Rik Maki was so sweet with him.  It turned out to be a lot of fun for Raiden.  Can't wait to take Raiden trick-or-treating!  I am not sure what he'll be yet though.

Oct 21, 2010

Life Drawing, mixed media, 10.07.2010

These are drawings I did in my life drawing class on the 7th.  I used india ink for most of the pieces, but sometimes I added watercolor crayon, or charcoal as well.  I am really enjoying opening up as an artist again in this class.  We study anatomy in the morning and more personal expression in the afternoon.  It works out really well.  

The model had a crazy wig and an even more bizarre baby doll...

...crazy shoes too!

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Oct 20, 2010

Character Design

I was a little nervous today while finishing up my work for character design class.  1st there was the issue that I have been where I feel like I am not focusing or committing to my work, and 2nd was that Raiden was having a bad day yesterday - he's sick again, carrying a bit of a negative attitude, and he decided that fake hitting is cute.
But while working I just kept reminding myself to focus with each pencil stroke, and my work, I feel, turned out better!  Then, I put myself on a 2 minute break before I picked up Raiden from daycare  where I told myself to stay focused on being positive no matter what - calm and assertive, (not to steal quotes from the Dog Whisperer)!  Raiden and I had a great afternoon together!  It was so much fun.  I also changed his dinner to an earlier time which really helped things.
So, with no further delay, here is the work I did for the character design class today:

We had 2 assignments, the first an ostrich:

 My teacher, and animation guru, Rik maki's critique explained that the beaks were drawn wrong on this page, and to look up Preston Blair's book for a good example of how to draw beaks properly:

 He liked the reaching bird, and sort-of liked the bird on the far left, for their silhouettes:

...And for the 2nd part of this week's assignment was to draw an old person based off of a simple shape:

Rik liked the size/character comparison here:

He liked the top 2 on this page:

Oct 18, 2010

Links to My Animation Assignments

...and, by the way, Raiden can catch a ball!  ...and, to add to his words via signing, he pats his chest to sign that he needs help with something :)  ...brings me his socks and shoes when it is time to leave, and gets a cookie from the bowl to bring to the neighbor's dog when we go.  I could go on and on, but hey - that's what mom's are for, right!

Here are the assignments that I have posted so far:

2D Character Animation:
Assignment #1: Vertical Bouncing Ball
Assignment #2: Horizontal Bouncing Ball
Assignment #3: the Flag

(previously posted):
Happy Bird Animatic
This is also the 1st animation I ever tried:
Dog-Wolf & Bird

Life Drawing with Raiden's Mini-Markers

  These were done a few weeks ago in Steve Brown's glorious life drawing class.  I used my son's set of mini-baby-sized markers.  

Oct 17, 2010

Life Drawing in Pastel/Conte

These drawings were done throughout my 5 weeks at Cal Arts.  I am really enjoying the class.  It is taught by Steve Brown.  Well, the proof is in the pudding, right?

Oct 14, 2010

I Will Make Myself Do Better!

So things have been going great with Raiden.  I spend nice quality time with him and still teach him to be a great little helper.  We have a lot of fun.  Unfortunately in school I feel my work has been below par.  I spend the time, but I don't think I am committing to it like I should.  So I am going to work on being more focused on understanding what I am doing in these assignments.  But I still continue to post through the good and the ehhh.

Here are more of my sexy girl shape drawing for my 2D character design class with Rik Maki:


These I also posted earlier in the week:

Oct 11, 2010

Color & Design Characters

In my color and design class we were supposed to create 3 characters out of inanimate objects, using color.  I don't know why I struggled so much with this assignment, but everything came out so stiff.  Here is the end result of the struggle:

 I was going to have all 3 in each character's shot, but I wasn't liking how it was turning out:

Oct 9, 2010

A Little Song for a Little Guy

I added a quick soundtrack on my animatic. Its a little more entertaining now.  I am starting to like the story more and more.  I am excited to continue enhancing it with all the different attributes of an animation and story.
Be A Happy Bird

Oct 8, 2010

Sexy Girl

So I have really been struggling - for years - to create a character that can move and turn.  After my character design class with Rik Maki on Wednesday he told me for my homework to just make simple shapes for characters instead of working on the original assignment of a completed sexy pirate woman.  That night the angels sang as I started to understand while sketching at home!  Thank you Rik Maki!!!  Here are some of the sketches, they aren't much but for me they are everything because it is the beginning of a turning point for me: